Barbasol Championship


Barbasol Championship

Nicholasville, KY

Barbasol Championship, the PGA TOUR event is hosted in a state known for its horse farms, bourbon distilleries, and beautiful rolling hills. Global Golf Management shows off the beauty of Kentucky through the Golf Channel broadcast and at official events including the WinStar Farm Pro-Am Party and the “Kentucky Experience” food and beverage area onsite at Champions Golf Club.

  • Attracted 4.7 Million Golf Channel viewers;

  • Established Caddie127 and raised over $50,000 in 2019 / $175,000 Guaranteed in 2020;

  • 978 Volunteers is what it takes to put on an event the size of the Barbasol Championship. Global Golf Management couldn’t accomplish so much, without the greatest volunteers;

  • Professional and Amateur golfers and their guests were treated to a night under the stars at WinStar Farm‘s Pro-Am Party. Guests were introduced to the champion horses, toured the farm, and enjoyed local entertainment and a gourmet meal;

  • The Barbasol Championship generated $50,000 for local charities in just the second year of operations;

  • There was a 75% increase in Credential Media attendees at the Barbasol in year two;

  • Global Golf created a “Kentucky Experience” that included food from Bluegrass Hospitality Group and bourbon pairings from Maker’s Mark – both companies are headquartered in Kentucky;

  • The most visited location at the Barbasol is the Fan Expo, which was created by Global Golf Management in 2019. The Fan Expo was the main entrance and exit for all fans, and made all vendors extremely happy.
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